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ACT Terra Firma

ACT Terra-Firma industrial formulation, one of the great eco cleaning products from our business, is used for environmental cleanup on soil, water, roadways, rocks and hard surfaces. This fast and effective revolutionary formula is able to contain and cleanup spills, troubleshooting leaky pipelines, land farming programs, injection wells, contaminated underground water systems. Proteins from Bio-hazards bodily fluids, human and animal waste, mold, mildew and safe algae mitigation in fracking water tanks and ponds. This is one of our EPA-tested USDA certified cleaning products. Like our other bioremediation products, it been proven to be a very cost effective and efficient way of dealing with several environmental problems. 

Make sure you have access to high-end bioremediation products when you come to ACT. Our business is dedicated to providing you with the best eco-cleaning products. Learn more about this selection and our other EPA-approved cleaning products, like our best concrete cleaner, then place an order for your personal or business needs!

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