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Best used for animal poop, urine, dog runs, and cat litter box odors P.U. Odie also removes offensive pet odors and stains as well! Removes waste stains from pet turf, grass, soil, decks, concrete and hard surfaces. Great for under bird coops, rabbit pens, large animal pens and much more!

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P.U. ODIE uses bioremediation to clean

ACT P.U. Odie uses a unique blend of microorganisms to attack the animal waste and neutralize the odors.

Is P.U. ODIE safe for my pet?

Yes, P.U. Odie has been examined by a professor of veterinary medicine at Colorado State University for animal health and safety.

How do I apply P.U. ODIE?

Use in dog runs, under animal pens and bird coops apply enough P.U. ODIE to eliminate odors from the area. Gently sprinkle throughout the area frequently used by your animal.  For your cat litter box apply 2 scoops of P.U. ODIE blend into kitty litter repeat application as needed to eliminate odors.

What does P.U. ODIE cost

2.5lbs. $35.00

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